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Invest in your most valuable asset, your employees!

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ORX Sports understands that wellness is the life-long pursuit of a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. 


Many factors contribute to wellness: regular physical activity; food choices; balancing career and family relationships; and a positive emotional state of mind.

We specialize in workshops to help educate and improve awareness of good nutrition and wellness in the workplace.

These types of workshops vary from physical training days to onsite training. We can provide bespoke plans to suit the needs of  companies and departments of any size.

Studies indicate that wellness programs positively affect the health, performance and well-being of employees while directly impacting productivity, success, disability management and the bottom line. Employers who provide wellness programs attract and retain the most committed employees. A positive change in lifestyle equates to a positive change in the workplace.

For more information regarding our corporate wellness programs and how these could benefit your organization, contact us today! 

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