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ORX Sports is excited to offer 1-to-1 private boxing and personal training to our members looking to receive a more personalized approach to their training. From boosting your confidence to improving your physique, working with a personal boxing trainer can truly transform your life.


Book a 1-to-1 session with one of our highly experienced coaches for a very unique experience. You will receive one hour dedicated to improving your technique, strength, stamina and speed. Our coaches will work with you to improve not only your offensive, but also defensive skills and techniques. They will guide you through various exercises to help strengthen your ability to slip, slide, catch and teach you how to effectively utilize the space around you. 

Our coaches will push you to improve your overall strength. From your arms, core and even legs every part of your body will be leaner and stronger when you make boxing a regular part of your exercise routine. Our coaches will continually consult with you to customize routines based on your boxing abilities and level of physical fitness. 

Contact us today and learn how our 1-to-1 sessions can help you build your confidence and achieve your fitness goals. 

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