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Katara Boxing Championship 2023!

It was a night to remember for the ORX Team!

Everyone at ORX Boxing couldn't be more proud of what our boxers achieved at the Katara Boxing Championship 2023. For most of our boxers this was their first time stepping into the ring! 


Our team ranged in age from 11 to 16 stood tall and did the unthinkable. Stepping through the ropes and into the ring under the bright lights and raucous crowd at the Qatar Boxing Federation Katara Boxing Championship 2023. 


We are so proud of how far they have come in such a short amount of time, from two times per week for fun to four / five times a week showing dedication and discipline and a willingness to listen and learn. 


They represented the club, ORX Boxing, well! Showing respect, honor and the ability to look after each other. 

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